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Research Progress

What is Cultured Meat?

Cultured meat is called various names in English, e.g. cultured meat, in-vitro meat, lab-grown meat. It refers to as the meat that is cultured from a cow's cells in a laboratory and safely produced in a large quantity. That is, it is the meat produced by cell engineering.

The Necessity of Cultured Meat

  • Population

    It is expected that the world population will grow to 9 billion by 2050 and the demand for meat will increase by 43% from now.

  • Economic

    It requires just a couple of weeks to obtain cultured meat.

  • Environmental

    Cultured meat requires less methane gas and carbon dioxide (96%), and water, feed, and land (98%) than meat from livestock farming.

Development of Cultured Meat

  • MBG Research Institute aims to extract the muscular satellite cells of a cow, which are the base material for cultured meat, proliferate and divide them in a medium, and finally produce cultured meat that we can eat.

  • To this end, our researchers are doing independent R&D to find the optimal conditions for the extraction, proliferation, and division of satellite cells. In addition, we are also focusing on the development of cultured meat by culturing Mesenchymal stem cells and on developing the media that can save the production cost of cultured meat and the substrate suitable for meat culturing.

MBG Culture Meat R&D Development Map

    • step 1

      Extract the cells from a calf muscle or placenta

    • step 2

      Proliferate the cells and Induce their division

    • step 3

      Develop for divided cells and analyze medium and ingredients by medium

      Medium* : solution or solid material used to proliferate, preserve, and/or transport microorganisms. It is used to culture the tissues of a microorganism or an animal.

    • step 4

      Secure the cells for mass production and develop a customized medium for the economic purpose.

    • step 5

      Control the demand of meat with one from livestock farming and laboratory meat (or their mixture).

    • We have completed Phase 1 and 2 and plan to develop for divided muscle satellite cells.

    • We plan to develop an MBG-exclusive medium that is economic, efficient and customized to cells.

    • We are doing R&D work with the aim to mass-produce cultured muscle satellite cells, mesenchymal stem cells, and embryonic stem cells, culture them, and finally develop cultured meat.

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