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Institute Introduction

MBG Affiliated Research Institute, the only and best to do R&D of cultured meat in Korea

It researches the muscular satellite cells of a cow and developed cultured meat.

It extracts the stem cells from the placenta of a cow and cultures them.

Its optimal goal is to produce nutrition-enriched cultured meat.

"It is our goal

to develop the cultured meat with an excellent taste and good for our body."

MBG Research Institute - Advisory Professor Kang Kye-won (KAIST)

MBG Research Institute

opened in May 2016 with a challenging goal to 'develop safe foods and thus enhance the national health'.

In MBG research institute, we have extracted the satellite cells from the hind leg muscles of the unborn calf yet and

are conducting an experiment to proliferate the cells and induce division. In addition, we extracted the mesenchymal stem cells from the placenta of cows and culture them.

In-vitro meat or cultured meat refers to as the technique to culture animal stem cells in a laboratory and produce meat

it has been actively researched and developed, being called several names like 'cultured meat', 'In-vitro meat', 'lab grown meat', 'animal free meat', or 'clean meat'.

MBG Research Center succeeded in extracting muscular stem cells from Hanwoo (Korean native cattle) first in Korea. It has lately been focusing on proliferating the cells in a large scale and dividing them into muscle fibers and producing beef.

In addition, the research center is exerting a considerable effort to develop necessary for cell culturing and medium to make efficient use of production cost.

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