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Environmental Management


To minimize environmental impact, MBG promotes various activities and creates the environment where nature and humans coexist together.

What is environmental management

MBG places the value of 'environment on the top priority of its business activities and decision making. As a leader that leads 'green value', MBG will try to minimize the environmental impact of the company and spread the value of 'green' widely to producers and consumers.

Internal Activities: Set environment as the highest value reference in the decision-making process of the company.

External Activities: Create environmental value necessary for customers, consumers, people, and nature.

Environmental Management Policy

MBG recognizes environment as a key factor in its management strategy and secures environment soundness based on technological development and open communication. In addition, it practices the followings to lead 'low-carbon green growth'.

  • 1.

    WE establish an environmental management system in accordance with ISO14001 and secure global leadership.

  • 2.

    We comply with law and regulations related to environment and keep improving it in consideration of the entire process of our business.

  • 3.

    WE minimize the discharge of pollutants by introducing clean production process.

  • 4.

    WE lead 'low-carbon green growth' by minimizing the discharge of greenhouse gas through the use of clean energy and green technology.

  • 5.

    WE open the performance of our environmental management and secure the transparency and sustainability of management.

Environmental Management Plan

  • 1.

    Atmosphere Management

    We are making a bold investment in environmental facilities to minimize the emission of air pollutants. We have introduced the environmental facilities to promote low carbon and reduce dust discharging.

  • 2.

    Water Quality Management

    We do out best to preserve water quality. We recycle and re-use most of the water used in production process. Waste water that results from certain processes is treated at the wastewater treatment facility before disposing of it.

  • 3.

    By-Products Management

    We recycle and re-use most of the by-products generated from the production process. Some of them are carefully handled through the recycling center.

Environment Management Activities

To create a pleasant environment and comfortable resting space within the factors, MBG has established separate facilities. In addition, we continue to do environmental management activities, e.g. donating wastes, through The Earth Healing Cultural Foundation, in an attempt to practice environment management in everyday life.

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