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Sustainability Management

What is sustainability?

The passion for expanding to the world economic domains, the respect for humans and responsibility for social contribution, and the promise for the environment are the core values and management philosophy of MBG.

  • What is MBG's sustainability?

    Sustainable management is a management paradigm that pursues sustainable development based on an organization's economic, social and environmental responsibility.

  • Sustainability of MBG

    MBG supports and complies with social contribution, ethical management, quality management, environment-friendly management, and mutual growth principle.
    Based on this resolution, we have designated three strategies to become a sustainable management company (implementing the management for sustain advancement; establishing global management system, and reinforcing MBG competitiveness)

    Today, it has been proved that a corporation's profit-seeking behavior is closely related to not only economy but also social and environmental aspects..
    In a global society, MBG believes that only the companies that can achieve a social and environmental outcome, as well as economic profit, can achieve sustainable growth, too.

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