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Service business

Hydrophobic Therapy

Keep my body healthy with hydrogenous water! The therapy to reduce active oxygen in the body by smoothing the metabolism and facilitating circulation function.

Hydrogenous water has various effects such as eliminating active oxygen selectively and also has an antioxidant effect, which is excellent. In addition, it helps anti-aging and relieves indigestion. MBG has a keen attention to the therapy with hydrogenous water as a way to smooth metabolism and circulation functions and reduce the active oxygen in the body. Foreseeing that hydrogenous water will be a functional water popular among the people, MBG has been running International Academy of Hydrogenous Water in an effort to expand the base of the demand and enlarge the size of the market.

Key Business History

2016.06.11 ~ 07.02

Hydrophobic Therapy 1st education – 53 people completed

2016.07.16 ~ 08.06

Hydrophobic Therapy 2st education – 50 people completed

2016.09.03 ~ 10.01

Hydrophobic Therapy 3st education – 39 people completed

2016.11.12 ~ 12.02

Hydrophobic Therapy 4st education – 48 people completed

2017.01.14 ~ 02.04

Hydrophobic Therapy 5st education – 52 people completed

2017.04.29 ~ 05.20

Hydrophobic Therapy 6st education – 41 people completed

2017.08.19 ~ 09.09

Hydrophobic Therapy 7st education – 51 people completed

Business Introduction

  • Hydrophobic Therapy Education content (7th)

    1 Parking lot

    The great water that water sommeliers acknowledge

    The importance of water as a body component

    The law of longevity in the era of 'homo-hundred'

    2 Parking lot

    The trend in the Japanese hydrogenous water industry

    Hydrogen and hydrogenous water

    The Understanding of hydrogenous water

    Active oxygen in life

    Active oxygen and detoxification

    3 Parking lot

    Do science and technology make us happy?

    Why is hydrogenous water the mainstream?

    Clinical cases of hydrogenous water

    4 Parking lot

    Clinical cases of hydrogenous water

    Basic nutritional science that is helpful for health

    The ethics that a hydrogenous water therapist should have

Drone Academy

The future industry that leads the 4th Industrial Revolution

Drone means an unmanned aircraft in the form of an airplane or a helicopter capable of flying and maneuvering by radio wave guidance without pilot. A plan to intensively foster as one of three strategic businesses. At first, a drone was born for military purposes, but now it is used widely, including shooting in the air, weather information collection, pesticide spraying, and so on. MBG has a plan to intensively foster a drone as one of three strategic businesses to lead the 4th Industrial Revolution. Therefore, we are going to train pilots, do R&D drones for industrial, military, agricultural purpose, hold experience activities for the youth, open drone expo and contests, establish a drone university, and promote international exchanges.

Key Business History


Established Drone Academy


Opened International Drone Academy
Offered the first drone-in-life program

Business Introduction

  • Drone Academy Introduction

    Drone Academy has two programs to run: expert and beginner. It recruits members for each course.

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