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New growth power business

The development of a nickel smelter

The challenge to energy power! Contribution to creating the national wealth through the resource development of a nickel smelter

For a country without a single drop of petroleum in it, it is the development of overseas resources that it must devote itself to.
It is because it is a high-value-added industry that can be a growth engine of a country as well as its energy resources. In particular, nickel is of a high importance for the energy source of a battery, the essential element of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Foreseeing it, MBG Group signed with Indonesia for the development project of a nickel mine, which is Korea's only successful resource development project, and is now striding into the world as a global company.

Key Business History


Opened the office of Nickel Indonesia Business Unit


Secured the site for the nickel smelter
(mine lot of 288ha and smelter lot of 314ha)
Groundbreaking ceremony


Entered a business agreement with a financial consulting firm on
the construction and operation of the nickel sulphate smelting factory


Acquired the permit for space use


Opened the foundation stone ceremony for the nickel sulphate smelting factory

  • MBG Developed the nickel mine

    Taking advantage of the resources from Indonesia's largest nickel mine, MBG will build a world-class success model through the combination of a nickel mine and nickel smelting.

Business introduction

Sulfuric nickel is an integral part of a battery that plays the main role in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Nickel sulphate is twice as expensive as general nickel and S. Korea depends on imports for all of its consumption

We plan to build a smelting factory in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, which has the annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of natural nickel.

  • Nickel sulphate is an engine to drive the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    Nickel sulphate is an indispensable resource for automobile and aviation batteries (taking 80% of a battery).

    It is almost three times as expensive as general nickel and our country depends on imports for all of its consumption.

  • The place where is rich in future value

    Among many regions of Indonesia, Konawe Utara in Sulawesi Island is most naturally endowed with nickel (1.6~2.0% of the land).

Renewable Energy Business

Signed the agreement with Indonesia for a new renewable energy development!

We will lead a global revolution by turning wastes into energy.
Renewable energy business is highly recognized as one of the energy alternatives in the world. Emerging as future energy resource, it is called 'zero pollution energy' or 'green energy' because it does not pollute the environment and produce exhausts. MBG signed the agreement of generating the renewable energy of 1,000 tons in Rombok province west of Indonesia. MBG group, which has kept growing into an eco-friendly company beyond the social enterprise, is becoming a new model for the countries that desire to shift its energy policy to renewable energy.

사업 주요연혁


Signed the MOU with Indonesia for a new renewable energy business


Established MBG Indonesia High-Tech Corporation


Deliberation meeting on Rombok Renewable Energy Project FS Report

  • Waste Incinerator

    The waste re-processed with environment-friendly technology is used as an industrial material or converted to renewable energy for daily life.

Business introduction

  • Renewable Energy Business introduction

    The waste re-processed with environment-friendly technology is used as industrial material or converted to renewable energy.

    Indonesia - Southeast Asia's top economic power - needs electric power more and more

    The new renewable energy factory is estimated to benefit 20 million locals

BuoFloc Business

Indonesia Biofloc business in a full swing!

It is expected to make the world's second largest eco-friendly shrimp farm.
For us to reinforce our fish farming as a future industry, it is important to improve its productivity through a variety of new technologies. The aquaculture industry whose competitiveness can enhance through being combined with excellent technologies is expected to grow in value as a future food industry. Of late, MBG Group secured the world's second largest eco-friendly Biofloc shrimp aqua-farm to promote it into a future industry. At the same time, the business project increased the local employment. Through this win-win strategy, MBG Group is contributing to Korea's diplomatic relationship with Indonesia.

Key Business History


Signed the MOU with Konawe Utara Province, Indonesia on Biofloc business


The groundbreaking ceremony for the Biofloc shrimp farm

Business introduction

Signed the MOU on the Biofloc aquafarm as large as 300ha

Applied our environment-friendly Biofloc technology (BFT), which is officially recognized as the best in the world.

Recruited best local experts familiar with both theory and practice of Biofloc

It is expected to be the largest and best fish farm in the world.

  • Biofloc technology introduction

    Biofloc technology (BFT) is the environment-friendly aquaculture that breeds marine creatures without exchanging water by using microorganism.

  • Benefits of Biofloc technology

    Non-chemical shrimp culturing

    Amount of feed reduced by 30%

    Only 1% of water changing

    Productivity per unit area increased by 20 times

    Survival rate 4 to 10 times higher than a general aquaculture farm

    Possible to reuse feed

BH MBG Star Marketing Business

Accelerating globalization with star marketing! Promoting film business with Will Smith and promoting export by associating various products with J Wow couple.

Based on 'select and concentration strategy', BH MBG differentiates itself form entertainment companies in star marketing business.
Refraining from indifferent and quantity-based recruitment of entertainers, BH MBG seeks a more strategic approach to star marketing business.

It keeps creating revenue sources in concert with overseas partners through intensive local work for an invitational visit to and exchange with Cannes Film Festival, Grammy Awards, and so on.

Key Business History


Participated in the 59th Grammy Awards

메디하이드로와 LED 수소수 미스트

Selected as Golden Product


Signed the agreement in the Studio of U.S.
Sony Pictures on a film production


Invited and participate in the 70th Cannes Film Festival


Discussed major agendas with Black Hollywood
at VIP Hall in Hyatt Hotel


Had a meeting with J Wow couple and Black Hollywood in Korea

  • BH MBG Star Marketing

    MBG Group established the U.S. BH Corporation as the key base of expansion into the world and performs strategic star marketing.

Business introduction

  • BH MBG Star Marketing introduction

    MBG Group established the U.S. BH Corporation and made it official to enter US market in earnest.

    It played a pivotal role in making a contract for the exportation of 100,000 Blooming High-Frequency Vibration Massager.

Research in New Technology for Animal Cell Culture

Research in cultured meat for future food industry! The solution to solve meat shortage and the related environmental problems

It is estimated that the world population will reach 9 billion people by 2050 and consume 465 million tons of meat. However, breeding livestock requires huge cost and causes various environmental problems in the process. Recently, "cultured meat" has been drawing attention as a way to solve this future shortage of meat.

MBG Group is the only organization devoting itself to R&D for it and plans to invest 110 billion KRW, aiming to be the world's leading global biotechnology company.

Key Business History


Applied for a patent pertaining to Korea's first animal cell culture

(manufacturing method for patty using mushroom concentrate and culture medium)


Discovered the autogeny of cell tissues that is the base of the production process for cultured meat through cell culturing.

  • MBG Artificial Cultured Meat New Technology

    Aiming to become the best leading biotechnology company in the world, MBG focuses on the development of 'cultured meat', which is one of 2020 core visions.

Business introduction

  • Source: the homepage of Prof. Marc Forster (in the research team of cultured meat) in Maastrichit University, Netherlands

  • MBG Artificial Cultured Meat New Technology Introduction

    R&D technology of animal cell culture is the high-value-added industry to prepare future food for mankind.

    Edible meat obtainable through cell proliferation without the breeding (livestock farming) process

    It is expected to solve the various environmental problems caused by livestock industry as well as food shortage

Research in New Substance Against Atopy

The development of a treatment for atopic dermatitis!

Proposing a new paradigm for human health and happiness. MBG Group has shifted our viewpoint of atopic dermatitis to a new horizon, developing natural atopic treatments. We have already finished developing a new substance, paper presentation, and patent application. There are only clinical tests left ahead of us. MBG Group has a plan to supply the new substance of atopic treatment to UN free of charge and thus help 300 millions of patients with atopic problems in the world. It presents a new paradigm for biotechnology and will become a company that exists truly for the people and leads the global biotechnology for human health.

Business introduction

  • Research in New Substance Against Atopy Introduction

    Concentrating on the development of a new natural substance for atopic dermatitis

    Proved that the efficacy of the new substance on atopic dermatitis

    Passed the final test of animal experimentation conducted by the special animal department of Kongju National University
    (confirmed that the new substance is effective on atopic diseases of an experimental rat after cell tests related to TNF-Alpha and NO)

    It increases the possibility that atopic dermatitis can improve without using a steroid-based drug

MBG Entertainment

MBG Entertainment was established as an affiliated company to MBG Group and productid the film 'Blue Sunset' in which Nam Kyung-eup, Jeong Eun-chan, and Han Da-eun (the entertainers who belong to the entertainment company) appear.

Im Dong-pyo, the chairman of MBG Group and investor in the movie 'Blue Sunset', acquired the production company in mutual understanding with the star celebrities (Nam Kyung-eup, Jeong Eun-chan, and Han Da-eun) and CEO Han Kye-ul, and re-launched the company as its subsidiary company with 12 entertainers as members. On September 26 last year, it made a successful film preview of 'Blue Sunset'.

Key Business History


Held the celebration party and inauguration ceremony of MBG Entertainment


Presented film (Blue Sunset) preview

Business introduction

  • MBG Entertainment Introduction

    Signed the agreement with Black Hollywood and finished preparing for entering Hollywood

Representative Artist

  • Nam Kyung Eup

    Nam Kyung Eup

    • broadcast

      JTBC Misty(강인한), 사랑하는 은동아(서감독)

      KBS Witch Court(안회장), 너를 기억해(강석주), 파랑새의 집(신영환)

      SBS 초인가족(마도로스 김), 그래도 당신(백화수)

      MBC 좋은 사람(차만구), 빛나거나 미치거나(왕건), 빛나는 로맨스(남수철), 남자가 사랑할 때(장지명)

      tvN 미생(사장) 등 다수

    • Movie

      2017_푸른노을(박규식 감독) 황달주 역

      2016_고산자: 대동여지도(강우석 감독)_김좌근 역

      2014_레드블라인드(그레이스 안 감독)_사장 역

      2014_명량(김한민 감독)_권율장군 역

      2014_몬스터(황인호 감독)_전사장 역

      2013_끝까지 간다(김성훈 감독)_경찰고위간부 역

      2013_런닝맨(조동오 감독)_리차드마 역

      2010_아저씨(이정범 감독)_계장 역

      2010_용서는 없다(김형준 감독)_오반장역 등 다수

    • Performance

      벤허, 라오지앙후 최막심, 환타스틱스, 돈키호테, 웨스트 사이드 스토리, 레미제라블, 유린타운, 사랑은 비를 타고, 햄릿 외 100여편

    Nam Kyung Eup

    Nam Kyung Eup

    Born in 1958
    172cm 72kg
    Master's degree in Dongguk University

  • Lee Bom

    Lee Bom

    • broadcast

      KBS2 란제리 소녀시대(박귀자), 너를 기억해 (이준호 모친)

      MBC 가화만사성 (어린 숙녀)

    • Movie

      2017_죄 많은 소녀(김의석 감독) 다솜 역(개봉 예정)

      2017_컴 투게더(신동일 감독) 가녀린 역

      2016_우리 손자 베스트(김수현 감독) 미선 역

      2016_시간이탈자(곽재용 감독)

      2015_뷰티인사이드(백종열 감독)

      2015_어우동:주인 없는 꽃(이수성 감독) 묘홍 역

      2014_소녀괴담(오인천 감독) 혜정 역

      2003_선생 김봉두(장규성 감독) 최애순 역

    • theater

      행복의 비밀(류연화)

    • Music Video

      바람의 유령(제국의 아이들)

    • Ad

      셀레오페 더마클리닉, 민병철유폰

    Lee Bom

    Lee Bom

    161cm 42kg
    Cheongju University Department of Drama
    Dialect, guitar, yoga, skiing, scuba diving

  • Lee Seul Ah

    Lee Seul Ah

    • broadcast

      MBC 좋은 사람(유나), 내 생애 봄날, 황금 무지개(오비서)

      tvN 초인시대

      웹드라마 행복한 인질(민정), 날라리 세일즈맨

    • Movie

      2017_죄 많은 소녀(김의석 감독) 슬아 역(개봉예정)

      2017_궁합(홍창표 감독) 공주 역

      2017_엉덩인 거짓말 안해(유정현 감독) 새댁 역(개봉예정)

      2014_소녀괴담 시각장애녀 역(오인천 감독)

    • theater


    • Ad

      KT, 스프라이트, 카스

    Lee Seul Ah

    Lee Seul Ah

    172cm 50kg
    Sungshin Women's University
    Dance, 주산암산, Swimming

LED Business in Vietnam and Sri Lanka

Entered LED market in Vietnam and Sri Lanka! The festival of light that sheds on the future

LED lighting fixtures that S. Korea produces are highly acknowledged for its excellent quality and functions. MBG is proud of its AC-LED products lasting longer, being more efficient, lighter, and easier to install and maintain than existing LED lighting, which is why public interest and attention are being paid to MBG lighting products. MBG has agreed with Sri Lanka to supply 100,000 LED lights first, and 400,000 units (worth 4, 000 million dollars) later. In addition, it is in discussion with Vietnam for replacing the existing lights step by step with LED based on trade business.

Key Business History


Signed on the MOA with Sri Lanka on the supply of LED street lights

Business Introduction

MBG expects to enter the Southeast Asian market where demand for LED lighting is on the increase.

LED lighting technology is expected to play a major role for better environment and energy saving, which are key subjects of the government police

  • MBG LED lighting business introduction

    MBG is proud of its semiconductor light source that is characterized with electric energy converting to highly efficient light energy in it because it is an important future element necessary for the future when energy saving and environment issues are more seriously dealt and considered.


    Low power : high energy efficiency lowers electrical bill.

    Long life : maintenance reduced (lasts 8 times longer than a general incandescent lamp)


    Compatible with the conventional light fixtures

    Low heat emission


    Reduced CO2 emission by energy saving helps prevent global warming.

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