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    • 2018

      Constructed a nickel smelter in Indonesia

      Constructed Biofloc fish farm in Indonesia

      Launched Quwell hydrogenous diffuser (humidifier) and a hydrogenous water maker

      Opened a Vietnam branch (corporate)

      Made an export contract (electrolytic copper)

      Made an export contract (palm oil)

    • 2017

      Founded a corporation for a nickel smelter, Biofloc, and renewable energy business project in Indonesia

      Made a joint investment in Black Hollywood films

      Established World Green Tourism Organization (WGTO)

      Established BH-MBG corporation

      Established Vietnam corporation

      Established Sri Lanka corporation

      LED export business

      Exported to United States and Hong Kong

      Earned 'complied' in the external accounting audit

    • 2016

      Open Ansung factory

      Moved MBG head office to Dunsan company building

      Launched Medi Hydro Ver 2 and Medi Hydrogen Water LED Mist

      Registered Ansung factory as FDA over-the-counter (OTC) drug manufacturer

    • 2015

      Launched Medi Hwangyeop (yellow leaves) and Mediclore

      Mass-produced Medi+Hocl

      as MERSC occurred

      Selected as an excellent employment company

      Received the award of the Minister of Health and Welfare

      Took over Sejong Factory

    • 2014

      Developed and launched Medi+Hocl diffuser

      Certified by World Atopy Association

    • 2013

      Launched bioproducts and Medi+Hocl

    • 2012

      Development Medi+Hocl

    • 2011

      Started developing(Medi+Hocl)

      environment-friendly antiseptic solution

      Launched Dendropanax morbifera products

    • 2010

      Bio-research for the national health

      Started R&D on a Dendropanax morbifera product

    • 2009

      Founded the company and set a residential office in KAIST

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