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Company Overview

[Introducing MBG, a sharing and warm-hearted company.]

The MBG Group departs as a 2009 KAIST Venture Company and is steadily working towards global companies for stable product development and management innovation.

As a result of steadily practicing with the phrase "If you act with a vision, a miracle will happen", MBP in 2017 will achieve miraculous results.

MBG Group,

The MBG Group has continued R&D in MBG Research Institute located in KAIST, and manufactured and marketed related products. In addition, we've currently devoted our effort to developing a nickel smelter, Biofloc, and renewable energy project with Indonesia.

Even in the United States, we tapped on Hollywood by investing in the films such as "Splinter" and "Nameless boy" directed by Will Smith and actively export our products by leveraging star marketing. In the future, MBG will keep transforming itself against the ever-changing world to bring you great happiness.

Always support and take an interest in us.

- MBG Group Chairman, Lim Dong-Pyo

    • Company Name

      Inc MBG

    • Company establishment date

      October 1, 2009

    • CEO

      Lim Dong-Pyo

    • Location

      9F, KD Bldg., 43, Dunsan-ro 123beon-gil, Seo-gu, Daejeon, Republic of Korea

    • Capital

      20 billion won

    • Main business

      Production of medical equipment, general medicines

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    • Fax


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